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30 June 2017

Please see below tender opportunities and requests for quotations for contracts over an estimated value of £10,000

Tender opportunities above the thresholds laid down by the European Union (£164,176 for services/supplies and £4,104,394 for works) will be advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU), below and also on the Sport England eSourcing Portal. They may also be advertised in an appropriate professional or trade journal.

Current opportunities

Development and assessment of Diversity Action Plans (DAPs)

Contract reference: Development and assessment of Diversity Action Plans (DAPs)

Contract synopsis: Applications of interest are invited from formally constituted organisations to produce a guidance document to support funded bodies to address the diversity requirements in A Code for Sports Governance.

All organisations funded at ‘Tier 3’ level by Sport England and UK Sport must comply with the Code by 31 October 2017.

A major new element of the Code is the requirement for funded organisations to take appropriate actions to support greater diversity on their boards.

Expression of interest

Contact details: Cathy.Hughes@sportengland.org and Asantewaa.Brenya@uksport.gov.uk   

Closing date: Monday 19 June at 12:00pm

Unless otherwise agreed beforehand, the Sport England standard terms of trade will apply to all procurements.