Our investment principles

The Government's bold and ambitious direction for sport policy redefines what success looks like for us

How and where we invest National Lottery and Exchequer funding is the biggest contribution we can make to ensuring everybody can experience the benefits of sport and physical activity.

Our strategy outlines the work we will do between 2017 and 2021 to achieve the outcomes at the heart of the Government's strategy – and our investments will be underpinned by our seven investment principles.

Changing focus

Sport and physical activity has the power to change lives. It can enhance individuals and communities, boost local and wider economies and support a number of other areas, including health, tackling crime and education.

With Towards an Active Nation, we're moving beyond just numbers.

Our future investments will be about more than simply increasing the number of people taking part

Our future investments will be about more than simply increasing the number of people taking part.

We're looking to invest in projects, programmes and individuals that make sure everybody can experience the many benefits of sport and activity.

Seven investment principles

Our seven investment principles have been developed with this in mind. The principles include:

  • Ensure a clear line of sight to the objectives in Sporting Future – we want to invest in making a wider impact on people's lives in terms of physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, individual development, social and community development and economic development, rather than simply driving numbers
  • Prioritise demographic groups who are currently under-represented – this includes many different groups including women, older people, disabled people and people from lower socio-economic backgrounds
  • Use the behaviour change model to guide our decisions – we will focus on three main challenges: tackling inactivity, creating regular activity habits and helping those with a habit to stay that way
  • Get maximum value from all our resources, not just our cash – we may not invest cash at all in some instances, but instead contribute advice and insight or broker a collaboration
  • Expand the supply chain – we want to strike a balance between 'bankers' and 'innovators' to make sure we're investing in projects that deliver the outcomes while still investing in other areas that test new approaches
  • Review our investment portfolio regularly – we will invest more in anything going particularly well – and stop investment if a project is failing and can't be rescued
  • Encourage increased efficiency – we will encourage the sport and activity sector to diversify its funding from both private and other public sector sources.

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