Working with partners

As our approach to measuring the impact of sport and physical activity changes, the way we want to work with partners is also changing

The Government's strategy for sport is clear: whether an organisation receives public funding should be based on what it can contribute to physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, individual development, social and community development and economic development, not on its nature or structure.

Put simply, it’s what you can do that counts, not who you are.

Investment programmes

This means that our future partnerships will be based on those best-placed to deliver the five Government outcomes – and will be channelled through our seven investment programmes:

  • Tackling inactivity
  • Children and young people
  • Volunteering
  • Taking sport and activity into the mass market
  • Supporting sport's core market
  • Local delivery
  • Facilities.

The projects we fund will be based on our investment principles, which you can find out more about here and in our strategy.

High standards of governance

The money we use to fund projects comes from the Government via the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and the National Lottery.

National Lottery funding made up around 66 per cent of the money we awarded to projects last year, with the remaining 34 per cent provided by the Government.

Put simply, it’s what you can do that counts, not who you are

Going forward, we want to create new and wider partnerships over the next four years, as well as working with existing partners in new ways.

We will not, however, compromise on the basic standards of governance that will be required to receive public funding.

New and traditional partners

Our Code for Sports Governance – developed alongside UK Sport and launched in October last year – sets out the levels of transparency, accountability and financial integrity required from those who ask for Government and National Lottery funding.

Our traditional partners remain very important to us.

These include national governing bodies of sport, who have responsibility for making their sport welcoming and inclusive and put people at the heart of what they, plus UK Sport, SportsAid, Youth Sport Trust and more.