Frequently asked questions

Find responses you need to the most commonly asked questions regarding community asset transfer

Does Sport England provide funding to help with community asset transfers?

Sport England provides funding for facility projects which can deliver against our strategy objectives. This may include capital investment to build, refurbish or extend a sports or community facility. It may also include some revenue funding to help the organisation ‘get ready’ for its capital project. This could include the asset transfer process.

How do we approach our local authority to start a discussion about asset transfer?

If you want to find out about property that might be available for transfer or if you are interested in a particular building you should contact the Property Department of your local authority.

How do we go about consulting with the local community about activities or facilities they would like access to?

Just Act has some useful resources on different ways to survey and consult your local community. Check out the resources here.

Expertise on community engagement can be found here.