Combined wet and dry facilities

When looking into developing sports facilities, the brief will often look into the needs of the local community and assess facilities of a similar nature

While facilities can be developed in isolation for example, a standalone swimming pool or sports hall  the solution from a needs and evidence base often requires a combined 'wet and dry' offer. 

Combined offer  

Facilities in isolation often struggle to break even in financial terms and therefore the offer is increased so that the facility can potentially generate a surplus and become financially sustainable.  

Within this section, there are case studies of quality facilities that combine wet and dry components which enable users to experience a wide offer, including:  

  • 25m 6-8 lane swimming pool
  • Learner pool (typically a smaller shallower pool)
  • Sports hall (often referred to as a “four court sports hall”– meaning four x badminton courts, albeit the hall can potentially cater for a wide variety of sports)
  • Health and Fitness – typically a fitness gym of 50-100 individual stations (pieces of kit) plus separate studio(s) for aerobics, Zumba and other keep fit activities
  • Catering area (café/vending). 

 Some larger centres can include:  

  • 50m swimming pool (often referred to as Olympic size)
  • Larger 8-10-12 court sports hall
  • Climbing wall
  • Crèche
  • Indoor bowls
  • Gymnastics.  

Please refer to our other design and cost guidance for details on specific sports.