Cost guidance

How much does a sports facility cost to build and maintain? Our facility and lifecycle costs will help you to plan ahead

We are often asked how much a sports facility costs to build and maintain.

So, based on projects we have funded in the past, we have pulled together two sets of costs to help with your planning. These are facility capital costs (formerly called the Planning Kitbag Costs) and lifecycle costs. 

Facility capital costs

Our facility capital costs are calculated using estimates of what it typically costs to build modern sports facilities, including fees and external work, naturally taking into account varying conditions, inflation and regional adjustments.

Costs are updated regularly in conjunction with information provided by the BCIS (Building Cost Information Service) and other Quantity Surveyors.

The document is often referred to as the Planning Kitbag costs as the figures are often used by planners and developers when reviewing potential planning contributions to site developments.

Lifecycle costs

Lifecycle costs are how much its costs to keep a facility open and fit-for-purpose during its lifetime.

It includes costs for major replacement and planned preventative maintenance (PPM) day-to-day repairs. The costs are expressed as a percentage of the capital cost.

You should not underestimate the importance of regular maintenance and the expense in maintaining a facility throughout its life.