Sports halls

Find support on the design and planning of multi-sports and specialist sports hall facilities

Guidance includes advice on selecting the right sports hall and sports floor, along with downloadable drawing layouts of example sports hall facilities and guidance on capital and lifestyle costs. 

Design and layouts guide

This February 2012 update provides our current advice on multi-sports hall facilities and includes recommended sizes of sports halls and courts dimensions in line with the national governing bodies requirements.

Our affordable sports halls information (August 2012) is intended for the early briefing and design stages of sport hall projects. It is an essential reference for new community projects or where the rationalisation of existing school based facilities are being considered.

These documents have a particular focus on the ‘affordability’ and ‘potential income’ of sports halls. At the same time, they illustrate how new projects can meet a full range of school and community needs and comply with best practice standards.

Developing the right sports hall

Developing the right sports halls has been jointly developed (March 2012) by the national governing bodies (NGBs) of badminton, basketball, cricket, netball and volleyball who alongside us have put together guidance to ensure sports hall developments comply with up to date requirements of NGBs.

  • Sport data sheets

The sheets (March 2012) below are intended to be used in conjunction with our ‘Developing the Right Sports Hall’. They relate to Step 5: Establishing the Project Brief and identify the needs of the priority sport and the key secondary sports.

They show the requirements for the ’Priority Sport’ at various levels of play and how other ‘Secondary Sports’ can fit into the same overall space.

There is also a list of facility and lifecycle costs for the development of community sports based on providing good quality sports facilities.

  • Sizes of sport hall storage

This information (October 2012) covers a survey of how equipment stores are used in a small sample of multi-sports halls and a study of how a typical range of equipment can be accommodated in the recommended 12.5% minimum area (as in the indicative designs for Affordable Sports Halls).

  • Floors for indoor sports

Details the range of floor surfaces for indoor sports facilities and offers guidance on selection for differing sports and multi-sports environments (December 2007).

  • Comparative sizes of sports pitches and courts

This updated guidance (2015), now with separate documents for indoor and outdoor sports, is intended to give an overview comparison of space requirements for an extended range of sports and reflect the most up-to-date NGB facility requirements. These documents have been fully endorsed by the NGBs at the time of publication.

Sports halls cost guidance

See our list of facility and lifecycle costs for the development of community sports.

The below case studies also highlight some of the completed sports halls since 2011, including Derby Arena (completed in 2014), and Arc Leisure in Matlock, Derbyshire.