Community Rights for Sport guidance

Is your local pitch or pavilion at risk of closure? Now you can do something about it

09 March 2018 Facilities

Did you know that you can use new community rights to protect your local sports pitch, pavilion, sports hall, or swimming pool?

Did you know that these rights can also give you the right to bid to buy that facility?

With increasing pressure on local authority spending, using community rights represent an opportunity for you to take control.

How to use community rights

By listing sports facilities as Asset of Community Value, you can help protect them from being closed, mothballed or sold by giving the local community the right to bid for them.

By initiating a Right to Bid you can then buy time to put together a bid on behalf of the local community.

You can also transfer sports assets to your club, or a community organisation, without going through these stages by agreeing a transfer with your local authority.

Download our community asset guidance

Taking control of sports assets can help your club grow; develop new opportunities; secure its future and be more engaged with other local people and organisations, placing your club at the heart of your communities.

How the guide can help you

The Community Assets Guidance is here to help you understand what it is you can do with these new rights as well as how you can go about getting involved. It also highlights where you can get support, and funding, to help you do this.

The purpose of this guide is to:

  • Provide a simple step by step guide so sports organisations know how new legislation might enable them to protect, buy, or run local sports facilities
  • Outline the new provisions in the Localism Act 2011 for community rights that sports clubs can use them to protect, buy, or run local sports facilities
  • Signpost sports clubs to further advice from us and other agencies as well as to funding and in-kind support that may help them develop proposals under the new rights.

Structure of the guide

The guide is set out in the following sections:

  1. Protecting Your Local Sports Facilities: Listing a sports facility as an ‘Asset of Community Value’
  2. Your Community Right to Bid: Your right to bid to buy your local pitch, playing field, pool or place
  3. Transferring Ownership of Sports Facilities: Community Asset Transfers
  4. Other Rights for Sports Clubs: The Right to Challenge, Build and Neighbourhood Planning
  5. Community Finance for Community Assets: How to fund your bid, asset transfer or build
  6. How Are You Doing?: Assessing the Impact of Your Club
  7. Help is at Hand: Signposting for Further Support.

Is your local pitch or pavilion at risk of closure? Are you worried it might be mothballed or sold? Now you can do something about it. For more information please email: