Leisure management options guidance

We've published a guidance document to help local authorities choose the best facility management model

Good quality, affordable sport and leisure facilities are important in getting more people active – and we're working with partners to help deliver them.

Key to this is selecting the most appropriate facility management model.

Strategic thinking

We've received a number of requests for advice on how to select the best facility management model, which is why we've published the document.

This guidance – plus accompanying case studies and glossary of terms – is an introduction to the different facility management options and aims to help partners adopt a strategic approach to decision making.

leisure management guidance cover boy in rowing boat appendix and glossary cover text and image of woman rock climbing

The guidance focuses on a number of key issues and questions, including:

  • What are the needs of the local community and what resources are available?
  • What priorities do partners have – are there any particular users/groups that they want to engage?
  • What outcomes do partners want to achieve?
  • What management options are available?
  • What are the key features, advantages/disadvantages and legal implications of each option?
  • Where have these options been implemented before and what were the outcomes?

The document will be updated regularly to reflect changes in regulations, market trends and best practice – your feedback will help us do this.

Please email with any questions or feedback: managementoptions@sportengland.org.