Community Asset Fund

Our Community Asset Fund is our capital fund dedicated to enhancing the spaces in your local community

Whether it’s the park you run through, the hall you do classes in or the pitch you play on, welcoming and accessible spaces have a big impact on a person’s experience – and likelihood of coming back.

Traditional sports facilities where people spend time getting active are an important part of this, but it can be much wider too. It doesn’t have to be a traditional space – or a traditional sport.

Our Community Asset Fund is a programme dedicated to enhancing the spaces in your local community that give people the opportunity to be active.

There are a number of things we want to achieve with this investment, but most importantly we want to help local organisations to create good customer experiences and financially sustainable facilities that benefit their community for years to come – which may mean providing help to get things up and running too.

While we will continue to invest in projects that help people get into sport and increase the number who are regularly taking part, we’re also looking to invest in projects that look beyond this to how sport and physical activity can – and does – change lives and becomes a force for social good.

If you think the Community Asset Fund might be for you, have a look at the short video, the Guide and Developing your Project documents below.

What we will fund

We know every project will be different as every community is different. It doesn’t have to be a traditional space – or a traditional sport. For instance, there are thousands of outdoor spaces up and down the country – like canal towpaths, woodlands and open spaces – all with potential to be used and enjoyed as part of an active lifestyle.

As an organisation you might be:

  • Looking to take over an underused sports facility or one under threat of closure. You might need support to bring a building back into use or need improvements to a recreational space
  • Wanting to expand or improve the sporting experience you offer your customers
  • You could be looking to improve a changing room or installing new toilets, heating system or social space
  • Responding to an emergency or unexpected event that is stopping people from being active. You might need to fix a roof that's been damaged or repair an area after flood damage
  • You might want to make improvements to a  building or open space that's clearly needed in the local community

If your project is still at an early stage and you;re not completely sure what you want, please read our accompanying resource, Developing Your Idea, which has useful tips and case studies about projects that have been delivered.

Or you can get in touch with us, either by email, webchat, or you can call us on 03458 508 508.

What we won't fund

There are some things that we're not able to fund through this programme. Below is a list of some of the typical ones we get asked about - but if you're not sure please call us, or email.

  • Football-only projects*
  • Small-scale cricket projects
  • Revenue-only projects - e.g. coaching courses, facility running costs, equipment only projects
  • Routine maintenance and repairs resulting from wear and tear
  • Children's playgrounds and play equipment
  • Projects intended for private gain - i.e. sole traders
  • Retrospective funding (this is paying for works you have already completed)
  • Projects we've funded in the past

How much you can apply for

We'll review every project individually but it is up to you and your organisation to shape your project and the funding request that you make to us.

Based on our experience, we know that small and medium-scale awards can make a significant difference to an organisation and the community it serves.

Therefore, we expect our typical awards to be either:

  • Small-scale investments - typically ranging from £1,000 to £15,000. These will address emergency works due to something like storm or flood damage, or something totally unexpected that is stopping people from being able to stay active right now.
  • Medium-scale investments - typically ranging from £15,000 to £50,000. These will address more substantial changes. This might be an upgrade to an existing facility or developing a new space in the community.
  • By exception, we will consider larger investments ranging from £50,000 to £150,000. This will be when organisations can demonstrate a considerable impact or are targeting under-represented groups. They are also unlikely to have received funding from us previously.

Guidance and support

Before applying for our Community Asset Fund, please read the guidance documents below.

These will tell you more about how and why we're doing things differently, when we will make decisions plus tips and advice for developing your project or idea.

Download the guide and accompanying document below.

caf guide front cover developing idea cover 

We’re keen to hear from any sports club or community organisation with a great idea that will make a difference to the places where people play sport and get active.

You might already own or lease a facility in the local community, are considering taking over some grounds or a facility that has the potential to be used for sport and leisure. We’re keen to hear from all of you.

Even if you haven’t accessed funding before – it doesn’t matter. We want to invest in your great ideas that will help get people active.

Apply now for our Community Asset Fund

*Football-only projects - We directly fund the Football Foundation, which provides funding to a range of football projects. If you have a football-only project, we suggest you contact your FA county association for more information. We can fund multi-sport projects that include football - but football must not be the majority activity that is being funded.