Major Event Volunteer Fund

Helping to provide a path for major event volunteers to continue their volunteering experience at grassroots level

The fund focuses on supporting volunteering and ensuring that those who give their time to support major events can continue to gain from the benefits we know volunteering can provide.

We want to help national governing bodies, event hosts and other organisations make it easier and more attractive for volunteers to continue their volunteering experience in sport at a community level.


35% of major event volunteers who do not currently volunteer in grassroots sport, would consider it

The Major Event Volunteer Fund is open to organisations who want to pilot ways to overcome the barriers deterring major event volunteers from transitioning to grassroots volunteering.

With 70% of grassroot organisations reporting a need for more volunteers, we commissioned Goodform to research into major event volunteers to understand more about them and if there's an opportunity to support them to continue their volunteering in sport at a local level.

The research showed that despite really positive experiences, and with 35% of major event volunteers interested in doing more volunteering after the event, the reality is that only a small proportion go on to give their time at a local community level.

We know that moving from a major event volunteering role to supporting sport in the local community is hard, and not for everyone.

Key eligibility criteria

if you meet the below criteria from our investment guide, then please get in touch.

We're looking for projects that:

  • Test the ability to use major sports events as a catalyst to engage and then support volunteers from all backgrounds to continue their volunteering pathway within sport
  • Will specifically seek to engage volunteers who are not already volunteering within grassroots sport – funding will only be available to projects which aim to support the transition of new (or lapsed) volunteers into grassroots volunteering
  • Provide high quality, meaningful volunteering experiences
  • Can provide appropriate levels of support to volunteers post-event to identify further opportunities for them, which are appropriate to their skills, interests and availability
  • Will engage at least 100 volunteers.

It's likely that successful bids will therefore be a significant event in the sports calendar, such as world or European Championships or premium world circuit events for Olympic, Paralympic and/or Commonwealth Games sports.

We may choose, entirely at our own discretion, to consider events that are outside of the above criteria if you can demonstrate reasonable evidence that;

  • Your event is a high-profile national sports event
  • Your event involved more than 100 volunteers
  • There is interest among your volunteers to support community activities
  • Your project will enable the transition of major event volunteers into grassroots sports volunteering.

However, insight from the research suggests that with increased awareness of local opportunities and a tailoring of these opportunities to the needs of those who may be interested, there's a cohort of major event volunteers who could be encouraged to get involved in grassroots volunteering, if the right support was in place.

Below you can read the full report from Goodform, or just the executive summary, as well as our guide to Developing a Major Event Legacy and our Investment Guide.

If you're interested in funding to support a major event volunteering legacy and meet the criteria laid our in our Investment Guide, please contact our investment advisors to discuss your application idea on 0345 8508 508, or by emailing, using 'Major Event Fund' in the subject line.

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