Workforce Diversity Great Ideas fund

Helping to diversify sport and physical activity coaches and volunteers within local communities

Do you have a great idea about how to engage women and/or black, Asian or minority ethnic (BAME) communities into quality volunteering or coaching opportunities and need some investment to make it happen?

If so, we've set up a new fund with up to £1 million of National Lottery funding to invest and we want to hear from you.

Every year, millions of people in England give up their time to enable others to take part in sport and physical activity.

We know that people make the difference, especially in the local community, and we want to do more to help get more diverse people involved.

So we're keen to find ways that we can support more women and/or BAME people into the sport and physical activity coaching and volunteering workforce, and to help ensure they have a really positive experience.

It doesn't matter what stage of development your idea is at. It can be an idea on paper, or something already being delivered which you think has the potential to be scaled up or replicated with a different audience or in a new community.

Tell us your great idea!

Use the online form below to tell us a little about your project idea, the people you're looking to work with and your understanding of them, how the project will be delivered and its expected impact. 

You don’t have to tell us everything right now, the most important thing is to tell us your idea and why you think it's great.

Before you complete this form, please take time to read our Frequently Asked Questions, which will let you know whether this investment fund is right for you.

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Grab our attention and excite us with your idea. What makes your idea different and stand out from the rest?
Tell us a little bit about your target audience, their demographics, the communities they come from and why they would be interested/benefit from your idea. Ideas which do not focus on our target audiences of women and BAME will not be considered.
Briefly explain how you think the project will be delivered - including any key partners you have identified and an approximate timeline (if known).
Tell us the expected/potential impact of this project on both the target audience and the wider community. For instance, it could lead to skill development for the volunteers whilst enhancing community cohesion, or increased physical activity amongst women and girls. If possible, please also share how many of the target audience you aim to engage with.
Give us with an idea of how much funding you would like and, if possible, an indication of how much of the total project costs this represents. If we are interested in your idea, we will ask you to provide a full budget breakdown and confirmation of any partnership funding.


3 June-3 July Tell us your great idea
August We'll let you know whether we'd like to find out more about your idea
August/September Selected projects develop a full application

Final decision


You can find out exactly how we'll look after your personal data in our Privacy Statement, but rest assured we’ll only use it to consider your idea, and to provide feedback.