Championing talent at Gold Coast 2018

Our investment is supporting talented athletes from communities across England to fulfil their potential

04 April 2018

More than 4,500 athletes from 71 nations and territories are set to compete for 275 gold medals at the Commonwealth Games.

With our support, Team England will be in the thick of the action.

While our main role is to increase the number of people getting active, we also invest and support the development of talented athletes from communities across England to fulfil their potential.

We’ve invested £4 million of National Lottery funding to prepare Team England for Gold Coast 2018. We’re proud to be helping the athletes, coaches and volunteers of Team England turn talent into sporting success.

£4 million Invested in Team England

Our funding – together with money raised from sponsorship – is helping athletes benefit from a training camp in the Gold Coast so they can acclimatise to temperatures of up to 30 degrees Celsius.

It has also funded the equipment and support services that are critical to the athletes' training.

We believe our national teams should truly represent our nation. This team is the biggest, most inclusive and diverse sports team to represent England overseas.

Team England’s 390 athletes come from all walks of life and paint a unique picture of what sport should look like. They represent varied ages, a split gender mix, athletes and para athletes from all over the country competing in some of the nation’s most popular sports.

Artistic gymnast Taeja James will be just 15 at the time of the opening ceremony.

Lawn bowler Michael Thomas Robertson, aged 52, is the most senior athlete on the team.

Everyday heroes

They are everyday heroes that everyone back home can relate to, get behind and be inspired by.

We play a significant role in the journey of many thousands of talented athletes each year.

Many of the almost 400 Team England athletes have benefited from the facilities we build or the grants we give to enable them to stay in education while training.

We’re proud to be part of their story and excited about what they will go on to achieve.