Mapping Disability

We've produced a variety of guides to help organisations engage with disabled people

We already know that disabled people are much less likely to take part in sport or activity than many other groups. That's why we're redoubling our efforts to fully understand – and provide for – everyone who has an impairment.

To help our partners do this we’ve created a suite of resources –  Mapping Disability.

These are designed to aid a wide variety of organisations, helping us all plan effective programmes by better knowing the audience. 

The Facts

Our report, Mapping Disability: The Facts, offers an in-depth look at the vast range of impairments experienced by people in England. It also includes comprehensive data on disability by categories such as region, gender and age.

There is a detailed narrative report to accompany this resource that you can also find along with our latest insight in the carousel below:

Download the findings below:


Of course, this is purely a starting point for us and our partners and this resource helps us to start to grasp the complex picture of the disability population in England.

Engaging disabled people

We discovered that people who work in the sport and activity sector wanted support when trying to reach and engage disabled people through communications.

So, together with the English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS) we produced our second report Engaging disabled people: the research. This looks at the vital ingredients that make up successful and accessible communications – such as the channels themselves, marketing materials and how to give people a great first experience in sport.

Our third publication is designed to act as a practical guide that helps grassroots sport organisations. It is based entirely on what disabled people told us are important to them when receiving communications.

Engaging disabled people: the guide is a list of recommendations, things to think about and ideas of good practice when reaching, engaging and communicating with disabled people.

Head over to our partner English Federation of Disability (EFDS) Sport  to look at their specialist market knowledge and evidence-led insight for disabled people in sport.