Tackling inactivity: your Investment Guide

Our new guide explains our approach to tackling inactivity and offers support and guidance to organisations who would like to work with us

We've put tackling inactivity at the heart of our new strategy Towards an Active Nation – which means over the next four years, we’re going to triple the amount we invest in helping inactive people become active.

We want to work with new partners and ones we’ve worked with before to co-design innovative, different and experimental approaches that will make a significant difference to many more people’s lives.

Download our Tackling Inactivity Investment Guide

Our approach

We will spend at least £265 million to tackle inactivity as part of our five-year strategy. We have budgeted £120 million to create a new, dedicated fund, plus a further £145 million of our local delivery, children and young people, workforce and coaching and facilities funding will directly benefit inactive people.

Our new approach is a natural progression from the work we've already undertaken to tackle inactivity, including through our Get Healthy Get Active projects.

We already know that tackling inactivity is possible. Now we need to bring about change at scale, working with an even wider range of partners.