Our partnership with Mind

Our powerful partnership with the mental health charity, Mind is breaking down barriers and making a difference to people across the country

We’ve invested £3 million of National Lottery funding into Mind’s Get Set to Go programme since 2014.

The project is helping people that live with mental health problems to overcome the barriers they face when getting active. 

Lack of confidence, anxiety and fatigue are just some of the barriers that prevent people living with mental health problems from getting active.

Eight places across the country provide a range of activities for people living with different conditions. The aim is to provide quality experiences to those wanting to get active.

Friendly faces that know what it’s like to live with mental health problems have played a key part in developing the programme – and their encouragement is vital in helping people make that crucial jump from curiosity to activity.

Peer support

This peer support element plays an important role in the programme.

Elefriends – an online community that people with mental health problems use to discuss their lives and share tips for getting active – provides activity-specific advice.

Training courses and a website that features motivational blogs and films for people just starting out, are all helping to tackle the stigma of mental health and get people active.

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