Delivery Framework

Why invest in sport

It is important to position sport as a key contributor to a local area’s strategic priorities and demonstrate sport is a sound investment.

We can help councils make the case for investment in sport by showing its value to reduce health inequalities, act as a spur to economic growth, and a catalyst to engage communities.

How do I plan and commission the investment?

There needs to be a clear strategic approach to sports provision for a local area based on needs, evidence and insight and a consideration of all the delivery options. This includes how sport can be commissioned by others to support delivery of the wider priorities of the council and its partners.

We can help councils develop a clear vision for sport in the local area, understand the right mix of delivery options, and build relationships to become a strategic player in the commissioning environment.

How do I maximise efficiency?

Maximising resources to best effect is crucial. The best organisations will be measuring and assessing their performance to achieve continual improvement and understand how they are performing compared to others.

We can help councils review and challenge current practice and performance to aid improvement.

How do I create impact?

Achieving impact requires strong leadership with a clear vision for sport and effective management of resources to get more people active resulting in reduced health inequalities, more engaged communities and economic growth.

We can help councils demonstrate sports impact and give an insight into what works to increase participation.

how often are people playing sport

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