I Will If You Will

I Will If You Will is a new programme designed to get more women playing more sport

We are investing £2.3m into I Will If You Will. The programme combines innovative marketing techniques with sports sessions and exercise classes designed to overcome the hurdles that stop women taking part. These can be physical barriers - such as location or time - or emotional ones, such as a lack of confidence or the feeling that sport 'isn't for them'.

Bury has been chosen to pilot I Will If You Will, and with help from Sport England and various private and public sector partners Bury Council is leading the campaign, bringing together facilities, marketing, communication, coaching, organisers,  and changing rooms, to ensure the pilot is a success.

Activities that will be on offer during the pilot fall into four areas:

  • Well-known sports offered in different forms or settings such as cardio tennis or school-gate rounders
  • Outdoor fitness such as bootcamps in parks or group runs
  • Dance and fitness sessions such as zumba or aerobics
  • Programmes to encourage older women to get involved, such as Pilates
  • Innovative, encouraging marketing and brand messages in unusual places

You can find out more on the I Will If You Will website and by following the campaign on Twitter at @i_will_if