This Girl Can

This Girl Can is our nationwide campaign to get women and girls moving, regardless of shape, size and ability

Fear of judgement, lacking confidence, not having enough time – our research shows there are a mix of practical and emotional pressures that stop many women from being as active as they would like.

In fact, 40% of women aged 16 and over are not active enough to get the full health benefits of sport and physical activity, compared to 35% of men.

That’s why in 2015, our groundbreaking This Girl Can campaign was born.

It celebrates active women who are doing their thing no matter how they look, how well they do it or how sweaty they get.

In a nutshell, it seeks to challenge the conventional idea of what exercise looks like.

We want to inspire more women and girls to wiggle, jiggle, move and prove that judgement, time, money and energy are barriers that can be overcome.

And you can be part of this effort by signing up to be a This Girl Can supporter, which will give you access to our toolkit.


Lisa O’Keefe, our director of insight, hopes the campaign will convince women they don’t need to be in shape or super confident in their bodies to take part.

“This Girl Can is about helping women feel confident, so they can overcome the fears about being judged that our research showed was stopping many from getting active,” she said.

“Since we launched five years ago, we're seeing more relatable images in advertising and social media, but there's a long way to go until women's lives are being shown in a realistic way.

“We've designed the new adverts to show things we're still not seeing - women using exercise to manage period symptoms or juggling motherhood - all while celebrating women of all shapes, sizes, abilities and backgrounds.”

Find out more

For more about This Girl Can, go to where you can find out about the women in the campaign, get tips on how to get active and join the national debate. Please use the hashtags #thisgirlcan and #fitgotreal to join the conversation on social media.

You can also check out our insight pack, Go Where Women Are, which includes up-to-date research exploring the relevant motivations, barriers and triggers to getting more women more active.