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Guidance for the sport sector on how it can build on the initial impact of our This Girl Can campaign

Girls and women are ready to act on what they have seen, heard and felt, and we as the sports sector need to capture that enthusiasm in a considered, careful way. Some of the key questions to ask yourself include:

  • How are you talking to women?
  • Is your sport environment welcoming to women?
  • If they were to visit your club, facility or group for the first time…what is it that would make them come back again?
  • Are your activities relevant? Do they offer flexibility for busy schedules, mums etc?

Online presence

If you don’t have a webpage already, consider creating a female-friendly landing page on your website. This information is also useful for your social media communication. Consider the following:

  1. Imagery: Ensure that you use appropriate imagery that is relevant and in the spirit on the campaign e.g. including a range of shapes, sizes, ages, capabilities, most of all women and girls who are having fun or working hard. There is a suite of images available through the This Girl Can toolkit, or you can source your own, ensuring that they match the same tone and style
  2. Tone of voice: Make sure that your language is engaging, friendly and clearly – no sporting jargon. It is important to make sure that what you are communicating will be encouraging and make sense to beginners or those that are just starting out.
  3. Signposting: Clearly point your audience towards sessions that will be relevant to them, making sure that you explain clearly which are beginners/intermediate/advanced classes and what each might entail
  4. Be broad: Don’t assume that all women will be of the same capability as your audience, all will be at different stages of the journey – from those starting out, to those coming back after a long time, to those that need that little extra bit of encouragement to keep going.


Sign up to our toolkit for access to the logo, partner images and branding guidelines. You can create your own promotional materials in conjunction with This Girl Can. You can access the logo, partner images and branding guidelines. This is a great way to make the most of a national campaign that will only become more and more recognisable as we go.

Sign up to our toolkit

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Social media

Attitudes change as a result of conversation and debate – and that is what This Girl Can is designed to stimulate. So please keep the conversation going with your followers.

You can keep the conversation going in a number of ways:

  • Ask them to share photos of This Girl Can, perhaps using some of the mantras such as "I jiggle therefore I am" or "Hot and not bothered" that feature in the ad. Or even creating their own lines.
  • Ask for tips and ideas that have helped them get over their barriers to sport and activity – share their stories and secrets
  • Highlight relevant opportunities and activities using the #ThisGirlCan hashtag.

Media coverage 

Many of you will have seen posters and billboards on the roads and at train or tube stations across the country. Along with regular TV and cinema spots, coffee table advertising and social media, we hope you will have had the sense that This Girl Can is everywhere.

We encourage you to capitalise on this opportunity.