Quality of our research

We are scrupulous about the accuracy and independence of all research commissioned

30 June 2017 Research

Our surveys are contracted out to experienced market researchers. Ipsos Mori currently handle the Active Lives Survey. We also work closely with specialist research bodies and academics.

Official statistics

Sport England collects ‘official statistics’, as defined by the Statistics and Registration Act 2007.

The Act emphasises the importance of official statistics to society, and seeks to improve public trust in government statistics.

Sport England is required to comply with the UK Statistics Authority’s Code of Practice governing the production and publication of Official Statistics.

Official statistics produced by Sport England include:

  • Sport and physical activity participation, sports spectating, and volunteering measured by the Active Lives Survey
  • The number of statutory planning applications affecting playing fields.

Official statistics need to be carefully managed to ensure fairness and transparency. Further details are provided in our official statistics policy. Scheduled release dates are outlined in our research calendar.