Participant profiles

Our sport market segmentation tool considers people’s lives as a whole

30 June 2017

It is a powerful way of exploring the web of motivations and barriers among key population groups, and applying them at local level. It tells you how best to contact people and what messages are more likely to encourage them to take part.

From sporty lads to busy mums… from career-focused females to retired couples… the lifestyles and attitudes of typical ‘market segments’ are explored in our tool.

  • You can use our web tool to analyse people’s sporting habits in a particular street, community, local authority or region.
  • Or combine the segmentation data with your own local information to perform your own analysis.

In our web tool, you can explore the profiles of 19 market segments, to find out the circumstances, motivations and barriers experienced by different groups. You can find out which segments are dominant in specific communities down to street level.

How we reached Chloe, Phillip and Alison

Read how Hertsmere Leisure used market segmentation data to unlock 250 new members and maximise the impact of their marketing budget.

Find out how the market segmentation was built on the results of Sport England’s Active People survey; the Department of Culture, Media and Sport’s Taking Part survey; and the Mosaic tool from Experian.